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Hi, I’m Jenna Gleespen, a freelance creative copywriter in London.


I can provide you with a range of creative content that helps market your brand successfully.



Why you need a copywriter 


The copy, or text, on your website is an advertisement for your business or brand. Good copy attracts clients and promotes your goods or services in a way that is attractive to customers. Bad web copy can often result in lower traffic and thereby lower sales. Make sure the copy of your site is well written and uses the best SEO practices to get your brand and business noticed.

Are you looking for website copy or blog articles?

I can create persuasive, professional web copy for your site that helps speak for your brand in a way that successfully promotes your products, services or business.


I also specialise in creating content in the form of SEO optimised blog and news articles that will help increase traffic to your site.


Are you looking to increase your brand's online visibility?

Well-written website copy along with social media management is one way you can achieve this.

I specialise in social media campaign creation and management. My services can help get your brand seen and noticed. 


Need a press release or company brochure?


I’ve got you. My expertise in technical and business writing of all forms can help you get your brand’s message out there. 


Contact me today to see what I can do for you when it comes to copywriting, content creation and SEO enhancement. 


My copywriting services come highly recommended. Just see what my clients say about me at the bottom of the page.


I am reliable, timely and efficient. Turn around is 3-5 days or less for most projects. 


I will utilise my ten plus years of experience and a combination of SEO and consumer targeted writing techniques to get your business and brand noticed across the web.

Social media management 

I can manage your social media platforms by creating engaging content and posts that gets your message out there.


I can have as little or as much control as you would like, but no matter what, I will get you seen and heard.


Already have your website copy but need some help with SEO? I'm your girl!


With my keen understanding of SEO, I can enhance your copy through keyword research and placement to get your site ranked higher in online search engines.


A brief overview of the most successful brands my content, SEO and copywriting services have helped gain traffic, success and higher online visibility. For a complete list of references, please email

Charles Louis 

Marketing management, website copywriting, pillar article creation, proposal/brochure writing, creative content creation

Staff writer. Social media management, content creation

Website content copywriting, blog content creation


Content creation in the form of pillar articles for the reference section of a mortgage comparison website


Original content creation, social media moderation and content review


Social media content creation and ad copy for a top 10 skincare industry consultant


Website content creation and in depth ghostwriting services for upcoming publication of photography book due to be released in 2021.


Website content copywriting, blog content creation, creative consultation


Latest projects and new works

Flush or Bust: A Collection of Poetry for Life's Ups and Downs

An e-book of personal poetry from published author and writer, Jenna Gleespen. The poetry in this collection focuses on the ups and downs all experience in life and explores a range of emotions, experiences, and relationships regarding both the good times and bad times that life brings on. Available via Amazon Kindle for only $1 USD.


Contact today to discuss how we can work together to grow your business or brand.

Thanks for submitting!


"Jenna Gleespen is the missing link we needed for our team, to develop our book Then & Now Art: 50 U.S. State Capitols - Past and Present.  Her expertise combined with my artwork is a powerful combination."

-Jacob Sieg, Owner of Then and Now Art

"I tend to overthink everything, so taking content creation off of my plate is worth its weight in gold. Jenna is awesome to work with, and goes above and beyond!"

-Matt Sander, Sander Point Projects

"Jenna helped boost traffic to our site by contributing some great articles for use on our blog. Her articles are well written and well researched. Would highly recommend her for any writing work."

-Amanda, Evo Travel Agency 

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