• Jenna Gleespen

7 reasons to hire a copywriter

Updated: Jan 16

Why should you hire a copywriter anyway?

Starting your own business can be a challenging task. When it comes to getting your brand noticed online and driving traffic to your site, which convert into sales, there are many key players that you should work with to make your business stand out. One of the more important people you should hire, alongside a web designer, is a copywriter to help create genuine, professionally curated content for your website. Just as you wouldn’t go about designing your webpage with little to no design knowledge, you shouldn’t attempt to create your own content if writing is not your forte.

Copywriters excel in professionally and well written content

A skilled copywriter creates captivating, professional written content that makes your brand stand out on the web. Knowledge of how to attract customers and convert visits into sales via written word is what a good copywriter is hired for.

Copywriters can provide SEO enhanced content

Most well trained copywriters have a good understanding and knowledge of how to utilise SEO, or search engine optimization, into the content they create for your webpage. This includes the basic text on your site as well as content in blog posts, product descriptions and meta tag data. SEO is a huge part of how your page gets ranked higher in search engines like Google, helping your business get noticed and thereby garnering more sales. SEO is not as easy to implement as it may seem, so this is where a copywriter is extremely valuable. A copywriter with sufficient knowledge of how to use SEO, how successfully incorporate keywords and phrases into the text on your site will help your website gain traction across the web. Most copywriters spend a good amount of their time researching SEO trends and keywords, thus providing content that helps get your brand noticed. Going about SEO alone with little knowledge of who keywords and key phrases work is a losing game. Save yourself the headaches and wasted time and leave this to the professionals.

A copywriter can sell your brand in an authentic and genuine manner

People hate feeling as though they are being sold to. This is where a copywriter can be of great advantage. A copywriter with good writing skills cannot only use high ranking keywords and SEO friendly content to get your brand ranked higher in Google and other search engines, but can do so in a way that comes off to the customer as genuine and authentic. People tend to like brands that appear as such.

Copywriters are usually highly skilled at grammar

You might be surprised at how easy it is to make the most simple of mistakes when it comes to grammar. Copywriters tend to be very well honed when it comes to proper grammar usage and well written content. After all, a spell check can only do so much and as we all know they are not always reliable, especially when in comes to context. Most skilled copywriters live and breathe grammar so you can rest assured knowing that you are paying for quality writing that also exudes a professional tone. Even the slightest of errors when it comes to written content can turn a potential customer off. Small grammar mistakes make even the most respectable businesses seem amateur in nature. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste over a blog post, webpage or product description that comes off as novice and unprofessional.

Copywriters can help drive traffic to your site via a blog

Blogs are a huge traffic driver to pages on the web. Most high ranking pages get their spots in the search engines with meticulously placed keywords and phrases in blogs on business’ sites. Even though your business may be selling a specific product, including a well written blog post draws traffic which help you convert visits to sales. For example, if you own a company that sells plumbing supplies and someone goes to search something around the lines of “How to fix a running toilet,” and you have a blog on your site about that topic, then your site will show up in the search results. While the main goal of your business is not teaching folks about plumbing or offering how-to-tutorials, someone who sees that blog page in the search results is still drawn to your website. It’s all about traffic because the more traffic your site brings in, the more sales you will see.

Copywriters help set you apart from your competition

Visits to your site only convert to sales if visitors actually spend time on your page. With an overabundance of business pages that are probably similar to your’s on the web, a skilled copywriter can use language and prose that will keep your visitors interested in what your site has to offer. Drawing in an audience is important and with the aid of a copywriter your business page will keep potential customers interested. More times than not it only takes one interesting blog post to garner future visits to your page which will very likely turn into sales. Well written content works as a social lubricant which helps potential customers and clients form a relationship with your brand. They keep coming back because they enjoy not only your products or services, but also feel a connection to you and your brand through well worded content.

Hiring a copywriter gives you more time to focus on your business

The most important reason to hire a copywriter boils down to one thing: time management. If you are not highly skilled at SEO, writing, grammar and written word then you are simply wasting time putting together web content. That time could be used to further grow your business by focusing on other aspects of your brand like product development, marketing, consumer targeting and so on. Time is money and paying a copywriter to do the leg work for you site’s content will save you money in the long run.