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Blog and news article writing

Do you need a copywriter for blog posts?


Blog articles and news articles can help bring traffic to your site with the help of SEO. If you need blog articles written for your website, you have come to the right place.​

Why do I need a blog?

A blog can help to provide ongoing content to keep your customers engaged with your brand. Well written blog posts that are entertaining and informative help to bring repeat customers to your business. By talking about current trends, the latest industry news and sharing your thoughts and opinions with your customers, you are generating a relationship with them that can be long lasting. A good blog not only drives traffic to your website, but keeps people coming back for more.


Keywords and SEO

Carefully placed keywords in well-crafted articles will help enhance the content on your site, making it rank better in search engines. SEO and SEO keywords are key to getting better placement on Google and other search engines.

I can create ongoing content for you that not only gets your website ranked, but also conveys your message in a clear, concise and informative manner.


What type of blog posts should I have on my website?


Blog posts and articles should be relevant to your industry and should aim to showcase your expertise in the business you are in. 


Blog posts help demonstrate expertise


As a creative copywriter with over ten years of experience in writing blog and news articles for business websites, I can help you add content to your site that is attractive to your target audience and demonstrate your expertise in the industry you work in.


Content is key


Even if you do not want a blog on your website, putting out articles on social media platforms like LinkedIn can help garner interest in your business or brand. Ongoing content helps keep your current customers interested in your brand and attracts new ones that are interested in what you have to offer.

Contact me today to see how my blog and news article creation can help your business grow.

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