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Brochures, press releases and newsletters

Promotional tools such as company brochures, press releases and marketing newsletters can help you engage with your target audience and promote new news about your brand.

Brochures can be either print or digital, but what matters the most is what is written in them. Let me help create a company brochure you can be proud of.

Press releases help get updated information about your brand into public view. With a professionally crafted and properly distributed press release, you can share news about your business, such as new developments, products or services, with your target audience. I can take care of all aspects of a press release for you from creation to distribution to the right media channels.

Newsletters keep your customers up to date on the happenings in both your company and your industry. Email newsletters are a popular way to engage with your client base and keep the buzz going about your brand. I can create professional, informational newsletters to send via email lists to your customers.

Contact me today to see what I can do for you when it comes to brochures, press releases and newsletters.

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