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Published works


Popcorn For Breakfast; CL Press, 2011

Flush Or Bust: A Collection of Poetry for Life's Ups and Downs

"Laurie Bock was the kind of woman that thought she had the perfect life. Not much could come between her and her voracious drive for success. In her world filled with brown-nosing, meaningless affairs and designer heels she believed she had it all. Laurie’s seemingly perfect existence is disrupted, however, when a man Jack Foster arrives and offers an unexpected glimpse into her past, forcing her to remember the girl she once was. As the varying people in her life influence her every move, Laurie struggles to keep sight of her individuality and sanity. Now, at a turning point, she must make a decision between living the life she has always dreamed of or finding out what happiness really feels like."






An e-book of personal poetry from Jenna Gleespen. The poetry in this collection focuses on the ups and downs all experience in life and explores a range of emotions, experiences, and relationships regarding both the good times and bad times that life brings on.

**A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go towards a variety of COVID-19 relief funds, specially those offering aid to healthcare workers, service industry workers, and those left unemployed due to the virus**


Work samples

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