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10 creative writing blogs to follow in 2021

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

As writers we all have those days where the writers block sets in and we just don’t have the needed motivation or inspiration to keep that pen going. Luckily for us, there exists a plethora of creative writing blogs which not only help get us back at it, but offer great tidbits of advice that can be used to further our writing careers. Whether you are a serious writer or just enjoy it as an outlet or pastime, these 10 creative writing blogs are sure to get your creative juices going!

Writing Forward has heaps of creative writing tips and ideas to get your creative mind flowing. You’ll find posts on grammar, good writing habits and practices, as well as creative prompts to keep the writer’s block at bay. This blog is a top pick for me as it has it all, and is just all around fun to visit.

This blog has a bit of a cult following. Novelist Chuck Wendig’s blog sets an excellent example of how to keep up a creative writing platform. His blog is in depth with tips and a hint of sarcasm and wit. In all, a great place for inspiration of all kinds.

A cute and fun blog by novelist Emma Darwin that’s about all types of creative writing, both fiction and non-fiction. Her blog has a personal touch to it as well, which makes for a relaxing and inspo-filled read.

Curtis Brown Creative is a writing blog by Curtis Brown Literary Agency, hence the name. This blog is focused on helping aspiring novelists and writers find success. Curtis Brown Creative offers creative writing courses from within the offices of the Curtis Brown Literary Agency, so following this blog can give some insiders insight to getting published.

Another blog with some insider knowledge is The Creative Penn where Joanna Penn writes about helping writers achieve success in the writing industry. She is an award nominated and bestselling author and gives her take in what it takes to make it big.

The title says it all! A one stop shop for daily writing tips to keep your pen moving. Don;t skip over bogs like this just because of a simple name. This blog is certainly info-packed and can offer any writer, no matter what level of their career they are at very insightful tips and tools of the trade.

A blog by writer and author, Kristin Kieffer, that offers fantasy and sci-fi writing resources. She has a true dedication to helping other writers succeed in the industry, which is evident in her posts.

Another one stop spot for writing tips and advice. This blog is packed with tons of insider knowledge as, Shayla, the writer and owner of the blog, has edited over 300 books as well as launched some Amazon bestsellers!

Write to Done helps writers with advice on the different avenues to success. With advice and tips by writers themselves, this blog is a creative writing blog that caters to the non-fiction genres as well. This blog has truly motivational takes on how to make it.

A tried and true favourite when it comes to writing advice. This blog includes top notch advice and lessons from other writers who have done well for themselves in their art.

I would recommend visiting them all and picking and choosing which ones appeal the most to you, then staying consistent in reading those ones. As I don’t visit every blog daily, I have whittled down three of my favourites which are Terrible Minds, Writer’s Digest and Writing Forward, all of which I stop by daily.

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