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What is good copy?

Words matter a great deal when it comes to promoting our business or brand online. A good website design is useless if the wording isn’t right. Website copy tells your brand’s story, gives information on your products or services, displays your product in a good light and most importantly, it draws in customers.

Good copy draws in customers with the written word. Copywriting is an art, and you should hire someone skilled in copywriting if you want to bring organic traffic to your website.

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Bad web copy turns customers off.

Have you ever seen a business website where the wording just doesn't work? Perhaps the flow is off, poor grammar is used, or the web copy seems too much like an over-enthusiastic sales pitch? You probably weren't too impressed, am I right? Bad website copywriting can actually drive customers away from your business!

You need a professional copywriter to get your message across in the right way. You have a very small window of time from the time a prospective customer or client lands on your website to the time they decide whether or not they will stay. The window is usually about 10 seconds. Make sure your website speaks to your customers in a way that keeps them interested and encourages them to stay on your website long enough to decide to purchase your products or services.

Good copy brings in sales.

Good website copy helps convert visits to sales. As a copywriter, I can help turn your website visitors into customers with effectively-written content.

Good web content is key to making sales. Well placed and properly constructed web content can help your business succeed.

It is SEO enhanced.

SEO copywriting

SEO-enhanced writing will make your website rank higher in online search engines. Copy that uses SEO keywords and key phrases well brings more organic traffic to your website, helping to bring in more business for your brand.

A good copywriter understands SEO research and is able to create an SEO-enhanced copy that is not stuffed with keywords just in an attempt to get your site ranked. A reader can tell if a copywriter is trying too hard and it is often a turn-off. Good SEO-enhanced copy should sound natural and have a good flow.

It is detailed and factual.

Good copy is not all about SEO and sales. Although these things both matter, copy should also be factual. People want information about what you want them to purchase, and without enough detail about your industry, product or service, you are leaving them on a cliff edge.

It delivers a message.


The copy on your website or promotional materials should deliver your message point-blank. Wordy, keyword-stuffed copy does nothing to draw customers in. In fact, it can often turn them away. Your brand has a message that you want to get out there and copy should do this effectively.

It is sales-driven.

The main point of copywriting is to sell something. Sale-driven copy helps promote your brand and build trust that turns readers into customers. Copy with a focus on sales tends to convert readers better than copy that is fluffy and doesn't aim to sell. After all, the point of your website is to make money, and if the writing doesn't help you sell your product or service, then it is not doing what it is designed for.

It is concise and to the point.

Well-written copy is meant to do one thing above all else- get you business. To-the-point web copy keeps the client interested in what you have to say and piques their interest in your brand. However, copy should be concise and focused on the end result- garnering more sales.

Copy that is too long or drags on with the same repetitive, wordy language does nothing for you and will often make the reader turn away before hearing about what you have to offer them. A good copywriter can create artistic, well put together content that clearly emphasizes one thing- that people should invest in your brand by buying your product or service.

It is well researched.

A professional copywriter will take a good amount of time researching the topic at hand. Whether they are writing website copy, a blog or news article or creating promotional materials, well-researched copy brings the best results when it comes to sales.

Customers want to feel as though you are an expert in your field and that they can trust your opinion and what you have to say. This is hard to do without any proper research. Writing that is not well researched is easy to spot and can often turn potential customers away. If they do not feel like you know what you are talking about, they have no reason to trust your brand as an authority in your industry. Make sure that your copy comes complete with the needed research in order to be highly effective.

It speaks the customer's language.

freelance copywriter in London

Content that speaks directly to customers in a way that comes off as natural and easy-going will turn visitors into customers. Your products and services don't always speak for themselves. You need good website copy to convert sales. Content that elevates the customer experience when they visit your site is a must-have in today's online marketplace.

The tone and the voice of your website content should make visitors interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer them. A professional copywriter can get this right, so you can spend more time on your business. Effective web copy promotes your brand in a way that feels authentic and genuine.

It entertains the reader.

Copy for a website, marketing materials or a blog post should keep the reader entertained. Have you ever read an article that seems to drag on with no end in sight? Likely you didn't even make it through the whole article, am I right? The point of copywriting is to not only inform the reader but to keep them interested in what you have to say.

It makes the reader want to know more.

Good copy should make the reader want to know more about what you have to offer. It should be informative and hook the reader, leaving them interested in your brand. Copy that doesn't hook the reader is ineffective and ultimately can lose you business. If the reader isn't engaged enough to stay on the page, you don't get to tell them what you have to offer as a business. Get them asking questions so that you can answer those questions for them and leave them feeling informed.

It answers the reader's questions.

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Once you have the reader hooked and they want to know more about you, your company or your brand, you should aim to answer any questions that a customer of yours might have. This is your chance to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge about your industry and build trust so that the customer sees you as a an expert and wants to buy your product or services.

It makes the reader want to take action​.

The most important part of copywriting is getting the reader to take action. The writing on your website, including that of blog posts and articles, should ultimately turn readers into customers. If there is no call to action, copywriting is pretty much useless. You want the reader to feel propelled to do something based on what you are telling them. More importantly, you want them to feel propelled to either buy your product or book your services. This is often the hardest part of writing good copy as it takes both research on your target audience and finesse. A good copywriter will make certain that the people who come to your website do not leave without anything from you.

It brings the customer back for more.

Continuous content is one way you can bring repeat customers coming back to your website to buy a product or book a service. Written content in the form of blog articles can keep the customer engaged in your brand even after they have already made a purchase.

Blog articles should be relevant to the industry you are in and demonstrate your expertise in your industry. Brand trust is built with ongoing content creation that is powerful and entertaining at the same time. You want your readers to be moved to invest in your product or service and keep them coming back for more.

A good copywriter will make sure your content is relevant and interesting and hook clients by keeping them informed about your industry and the things that matter in it. For example, if you are a mortgage broker, you will want blog content that is relevant to the property market or financial services. Even weekly blog posts can keep readers coming back, and often persuade them to continue to buy what you are selling.

Blog articles are very powerful when it comes to website content and not having a blog on your website that talks about exciting topics or news in your industry men's you are missing out on possible sales. Not only will a well written, factual and riveting information help bring new traffic to your site, but it will convince previous customers to keep coming back.

Copywriting is an art.

Writing copy is truly an art and should be treated as such. Not everyone is good at it, and that's okay. You wouldn't let someone unskilled in web design create your website, would you? Well, you shouldn't let someone that is not a skilled writer take care of your copywriting either. A good copywriter can write copy that makes the words come to life on your website. You want copy that checks all the above criteria and leaves the reader with a sense of trust in your brand.

Delivering excellent content in the form of creative copywriting comes with a price and you get what you pay for. A good writer treats their craft like the art it is and has a passion for every word they write and it shows. Compelling, passionately written content is key to attracting more business for your brand. Choose a copywriter that believes that their creative talent is an art and you will not be disappointed with the results.

Finding the right copywriter.

A good copywriter is surprisingly hard to come by these days. In fact, some business owners do not even understand the value of well-written web copy. A good copywriter will show interest in your brand and be excited about helping you get your message out there. You should never overlook the copy on your website since it is what sets you apart from your competition. If the writing on your website is boring and lack-lustre, then you aren't effectively bringing in new business.

Take your time when looking for a copywriter. Choose someone who can demonstrate expertise in their craft and that can deliver the sales-driven copy you need. A professional copywriter has a balance of talent and skill and uses both the create copy that appeals to your target audience.

Ask about previous jobs, request work samples and have a chat about your business goals when hiring a copywriter. Pick someone who understands the art of copywriting and knows how to effectively sell your product or service through writing. Chances are, the very first copywriter you come across may not be the best option for you. Take the time to make sure your copywriter knows what they are doing.

The bottom line.

The copywriting on your website, promotional materials or blog should be easy to read, factual and entertaining. Excellent copy demonstrates expertise and draws clients in, leaving them to trust your brand. Copy that piques the interest of your target audience while also engaging with them and building trust in your brand is one way to get more business naturally and without coming off as pushy or desperate. A skilled copywriter can achieve all of these things and leave customers wanting to return.

If you need copywriting services

Copywriter for hire

If you need copywriting in the form of website copy, promotional materials such as press releases and company brochures, blog articles or social media content I am your girl. Drop me a line so we can have a chat about your project and get you copy that brings you business and keeps customers coming back for more.

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