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  • Jenna Gleespen

The most common misspelled words in the English language

We all make mistakes when it comes to spelling and grammar. Even the best editors have an embarrassing moment or two. Words we are completely unfamiliar with are certainly understandably spelled wrong quite often, especially if that word is from say palaeontology or some other subject that is known for its long and confusing spelling. However, you may be surprised to see that some of the most commonly misspelled words, according to Oxford University, are ones we tend to use often. Perhaps we can blame the inconsistent nature of the English language on this one. You know, the whole I before e except after c, except for some words, sort of thing.

Well, here is a list of some of the most commonly common misspelled words in British English.

1) Separate. In this one the middle ‘a’ is often confused with an ‘e’.

2) Definitely, Don’t get the ‘ely’ mixed up with an ‘ley’.

3) Manoevure. Ok, you can probably see where some get this one wrong!

4) Embarrass. Don’t embarrass yourself by forgetting the extra r!

5) Occurrence. Two r’s yet again which can be tricky.

6) Consensus. Shockingly, there is only one c!

7) Unnecessary. Don’t forget the double n and s in this one, as they are absolutely necessary!

8) Acceptable. There is only one acceptable spelling here and it involves two c’s.

9) Broccoli. Again, with the double c’s!

10) Referred. The double r strikes again!

11) Bureaucracy. Okay, fair enough.

12) Supersede. Often the s in the middle here is mistaken for a c.

13) Questionnaire. These double letters definitely keep us on our toes, no questions about it!

14) Connoisseur. Okay, you may be forgiven for fudging this one too.

15) A lot. Two words, actually, but not a lot.

16) Entrepreneur. The ending here gets some.

17) Particularly. Many add an unnecessary r after the u.

18) Liquefy. Only one i, which throws some off.

19) Conscience. Another one where the s and the c like to play tricks on us!

20) Parallel. No double rs this time, but look out for the one set of double l’s.

Now that you are a little more all knowing about some commonly misspelled words, but your newly gained knowledge to the test and take note of when you see these everyday words misspelled!

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